The No Suicide School Zone

Mandatory Intervention Training

During the 2015 Georgia Legislative Session HB 198, also known as The Jason Flatt Act, was passed with an effective date of May 5th 2015. Georgia is the 15th state to pass The Jason Flatt Act. This legislation requires mandatory youth suicide awareness and prevention training annually for all certified public-school personnel. 

While self-review material is allowed by law, many teachers and counselors state that they find the greatest benefit from participating in live interactive training that increases not only awareness, but more importantly the skills to make a difference. 



In the school community it is estimated that one in five teens will not present any signs of suicidal ideation. But that doesn’t mean that suicide is inevitable. An awareness of circumstances is the first step in successful intervention. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 24. 

The appropriate response to loss in any setting is essential to resroting resilinece of community. There is ample research to show that inappropriate public response can activate suicide clusters whether it be in a high school or a Combat unit.  

What Others Say...

 Excellent workshop! After 40 years in the counseling field, it is rare I say that. Marilyn Roberts, LPC

​Best workshop I have been to in a long time. Ken and staff used an everyday people approach for a difficult topic. I learned how to just "ask the question". What a rewarding conference.”  Georgiana Bagley, LPC

 "It is not hyperbole when I say the Intervene Challenge was the most impactful professional learning I have encountered in my 20-year career. I left the training a different person, equipped with the skills to save a life. I highly recommend this training to everyone." 

Michael Duncan, Ed.D, 

Superintendent Pike County 

Proof of Principle

The Pike County School District has conducted intervention training with AFM since 2014, beginning shortly after the loss of a student and a teacher in the community. Since 2014 Pike County Schools has mantained a ZERO Suicide rate and continues to offer refresher training each year for their personnel. 

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