1 Reason 2 Live


Equiping the Faith Community in Suicide Intervention

 1 Reason 2 Live is a chaplain led initiative focused on training members of the faith community in the skills of suicide intervention and mental health first aid. The enemy of life is hopelessness; the result for many is often suicide. Utilizing the Listen Learn Lead curriculum the 1 Reason 2 Live Conference trains ordinary individuals in the extraordinary task of intervening in the lives of those at risk. It is our goal that the faith community as the beacon of hope will address the epidemic of suicide for all people within their respective communities.  


The 1 REASON 2 LIVE Conference is a great way to demonstrate to those who have served our country that the church is a veteran friendly faith community. Many returning veterans return home, but never return to their local church out of fear they’re not welcome or frustration that others won’t understand their issues with PTSD or moral injury. 


Churches can show their support for local First Responsders. Listen Learn Lead offers Law Enforcement 5 hours of POST approved CE credit. 

  “The training was great! Recommend all law enforcement officers take this training. Fantastic job.” Lt Josh Duke Henry County Police 


 Suicide is the #2 cause of death for young people and many losses occur within the faith community each year. Unfortunately, many pastors state that they received no training in suicide intervention and fill ill-equipped to handle such crisis. Every pastor, youth leader and concerned parent needs to know how they can make a difference.


 According to Lifeway Research 35% of suicide victims attended worship services in the month prior to death. Churches have an incredible opportunity to turn the tide and restore hope.  


The Faith community is not exempt from the devastation of suicide 76 percent of churchgoers say suicide is a problem that needs to be addressed in their community.  (Lifeway Research)


13,000 trained and the Faith Community can lead the charge in raising up thousands more who will courageously intervene to save lives. 

Suicide Intervention for the Faith Community

"For Those Who Have Ears to Hear"

December 23, 2018

Dear Pastor and Faith Community Leader

As I write these words, just two days before Christmas,  my heart is heavy from a phone call, I received this morning. A fellow Reserve Soldier took his life. It is not the first time I have received such a call. There were five such calls this summer. Hurting people are all around, people who believe that they have no other options, but to end their life. 

We in the faith community must hone our skills and courageously act on behalf of those who are hurting to offer them hope. Over the past seven years I have conducted more than 800 suicide interventions. All that I have worked with remain alive and are moving toward restored hope and resilience. Unfortunately, there have been many that I was not aware of until it was too late. It is a stark reminder to me of why I train others. Together we can build a network of care that saves lives.

The faith community has an incredible opportunity before us. The CDC is finally reporting that “suicide is epidemic.” More than 47,000 lives were lost in 2017 and the rate has climbed 30 to 50% across the nation over the past 10 years. While the world continues to spiral into the abyss of despair, and movies are made on 13 reasons why someone would take their own life, the church is called to stand and present a different reality. The 1 Reason 2 Live Conference prepares participants to do just that. 

Using the Listen Learn Lead curriculum we will prepare your membership and your community to heed the call; to have eyes to see and ears to hear when someone is hurting and at risk. We do so by teaching the one foundational question that caregivers must ask to move people toward better outcomes. You see, suicide is not really an option. It’s an option ender. It takes away all our options and leaves only pain in its wake. 

Jesus was the master at asking questions. Isaiah calls him the Wonderful Counselor. Good counselors ask good questions, questions that instill hope and renew the broken in spirit. Courageous Questions have the power to save. The 1 Reason 2 Life Conference will teach one powerful question that is proven to save lives. 

I invite you to join me in raising the bar, addressing the epidemic and turning the tide on suicide. 

Warmest Regards,

Chaplain Kenneth Koon

My Bridge of Hope


My Bridge of Hope is a series of brief Suicide Awareness and Prevention talks by Chaplain Ken given in 30 to 90 minute formats. 

"Ken's talks serve as a bridge of hope for organizations that have experienced loss by suicide.  You may not feel that you are ready for an intensive one or two day training. My Bridge of Hope is a great first step and powerful introduction. Even an hour with Ken will provide you with the basic skills that you need to make a difference." 

Col. Doug Brantley, US Army (Re

Schedule the 1 Reason 2 Live Conference

1 Reason 2 Live utlizes the Listen Learn Lead curriculum developed by Chaplain Ken based on his work with more than 20,000 Soldiers and over 800 successful suicide interventions. 

The training time is 5 hours.  

Suggested schedule is Saturday from 9 to 3 with an onsight lunch or Sunday from 1 to 6:30. 

Contact Chaplain Ken for further details.